Our History

Welcome to the web site of the Association of Sri Lankan Graduates of Canada (ASGC). ASGC was established in September 1989 to provide forum to the Graduates of Srilankan origin in Canada for meeting, interacting, and sharing of academic and professional expertise and experience.

It first began as an association of graduates living in Canada who have graduated from Sri Lankan universities. Now, it has opened its doors to accommodate all Canadians of Sri Lankan origin who are graduates or three year diploma holders. ASGC will help identify and address problems of common concern to the Srilankan Community in general and of the Graduates entering the job market and the Undergraduates in Srilanka in particular, and become one of the most respected provider of valuable service to the Canadian Community at large.

The aims and objetives of ASGC include :

Playing a leadership role in promoting charitableness and voluntarism in the Srilankan community in general, and among the graduates in particular, and focus on channeling their organized efforts in identifying and addressing problems in the areas of graduate employment and youth education

Rendering all possible assistance to new immigrants, who are new to the Canadian job market, including getting recognition of their qualifications and finding jobs in which their expertise and experience would be recognized, and facilitating their smooth settlement in Canada;

Organizing meetings and seminars aimed at improving and enhancing the knowledge and understanding of subjects of interest and importance to the Srilankan community in general and to the Graduates in particular

Organizing and delivery of support and assistance to the Universities and students in North and East of Srilanka with books, computers, teaching aids and materials etc, and offering helps for programs aimed at helping students and undergraduates

Organizing events and activities focusing on finding solutions to problems of serious concern surfacing in the Srilankan Community from time to time;

Organizing events and activities that would help bring out the hidden talents, expertise and experience of Srilankan Graduates in the service of the Candaidan Society at large.

2013 - Guidance For Higher Studies For Highschool Students Grade 9 - 12

The annual career counseling session last year was organized by the Association of Sri Lankan Graduates of Canada (ASGC) together with Inclusive School and Community Services of YRDSB on Saturday, Nov 9, 2013 - 9:30 am to 2:00 pm.

All Grade 9-12 students had the options to attend workshops where they could meet recent graduates from various jobs and ask questions regarding career choices, University/College selections, Scholarships and grant applications etc. The workshops were broken into four different sessions - (1) Life & Health Science (Doctors, Nurses, Radiologist, Chiropractioner and other science related recent graduates conducted this session), (2) Engineering, Tehnology, & Physical Science (Engineers, IT personnel, Architect, Environmental graduates and other related recent graduates conducted this session), (3) Social & Business Studies (Lawyers, Accountants, Teachers, HR consultants, other business professional conducted this session). (4) Creative Arts(Web Designer, Public Relations Consultant, Graphics Designer, Radio & Televisions Producer/Director/Writer). Students had the option to attend any two of these sessions during the day. These were students only sessions..

There was also a parent session where parents could get to know all information related to University/College studies from an expert panel. Lunch was provided and the whole workshop was free of charge for parents and students..