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The annual career counseling session this year is being organized by the Association of Sri Lankan Graduates of Canada (ASGC) together with Inclusive School and Community Services of YRDSB on Saturday, Nov 9, 2013 - 9:30 am to 2:00 pm.

All Grade 9-12 students can attend workshops where they can meet recent graduates from various jobs and ask questions regarding career choices, University/College selections, Scholarships and grant applications etc. The workshops are broken into four different sessions - (1) Life & Health Science (Doctors, Nurses, Radiologist, Chiropractioner and other science related recent graduates will be conducting this session), (2) Engineering, Tehnology, & Physical Science (Engineers, IT personnel, Architect, Environmental graduates and other related recent graduates will be conducting this session), (3) Social & Business Studies (Lawyers, Accountants, Teachers, HR consultants, other business professional will be conducting this session). (4) Creative Arts(Web Designer, Public Relations Consultant, Graphics Designer, Radio & Televisions Producer/Director/Writer). A student can attend any two of these sessions during the day. These are students only sessions.

There will also be a parent session where parents can get to know all information related to University/College studies from an expert panel. Lunch will be provided and the whole workshop is free of charge for parents and students.