Guidance For Higher Studies For Highschool Students - 2014

The annual Guidance For Higher Studies workshops for High School Students organized by the Association of Sri Lankan Graduates of Canada(ASGC) in partnership with the York Region Distric School Board(YRDSB), Canadian Tamil Alumni Association(CTAA), Candian Tamil Medical Assocation(CTMA) and the Sri Lankan Accountants Association(SAAC) was held on Saturday November 1st, 2014 to promote higher education among Tamil youths. This extremely useful event for high school students and their parents were conducted from 10 am till 4 pm at Middlefield Collegiate Institute. This workshop as designed to serve as a forum for dissemintation of information, exchange of ideas, and sharing of academic professional experiences. The moderators and the panelist are selected on the basis of their success in their chosen profession and their ability to relate to youth. As usual, ASGC conducted the event free of charge and provided free lunch to about 250 students and parents who attended the workshop.

The plenary session of the workshop started with the welcome speech by the ASGC President Mr.Pon Balendaran. Following the welcome speech, Mr. Philip Parappally, Director of Education of YRDSB expressed YRDSB's happiness in supporting such an excellent workshop. Thereafter Mr. Cecil Roach, Superintendent of Education spoke about the significance of the workshop and thanked ASGC for organizing this as an annual event. This was followed by an inspirational keynote address by Dr. Mahesan Srivamadevan, Cardiologist at South Lake Regional Health Centre. He emphasized the importance of decision making and encouraged students to go out their comfort zone and to take risks. He told parents to give a lot of credit for their children since they are already carrying more of a workload and stress than what their parents at their teenage years. A final word of this advice to the students was even though life is not fair at all times, they could changee it by working hard to succeed and then go on to lead and change the unfairness.

Ms. Suganja Sinnathamby explained the format of the workshop and said that two sessions, once in the morning and other in the afternoon would cover fields of study : Health & Life Sciences, Engineering & Physical Sciences, Creative Industries & Humanities and Social & Business Studies. Each field of study would be addressed by 6 or 7 guest speakers., chosen on the basis of their academic and professional success. The students who be able to ask questions and the discussions would take place in an informal and friendly atmosphere. She also mentioned that the parents would have a separate session to deal with the issues specific to parents. Mr. Prashanth Srichandramohan and Mr. Thiva Kulasingam briefly introduced all the presents to the audience.

Compiled by Dr. V. Manivannan
Executive Director
Association Of Srilankan Graduates Of Canada